Monday, May 28, 2012

Misty Monday - Outcrop

Rocky Outcrop, Ship Harbor, Acadia National Park, Maine  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
(Click on image for larger view.)

Using the imagination, it is not unusual to see
 anthropomorphic shapes in rocky outcrops... perhaps the profile of an aquiline face, for instance. Or something completely different like a proboscis monkey or a pop tart.
 Oh, and speaking of prominent noses, I turn 55 today!


  1. Happy Birthday! May you be delighted with this double nickel day and year. If even half the pleasure you give with your images comes back to you you'll be having a grand day and year indeed.

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope this doesn't mean your nose is growing!

  3. I always see someting different than the others say:)
    Happy Birthday!!!!

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  4. The longer I look at this, the more faces I see. It's a marvelously rugged rock formation. Excellent shot of it for its detail and rich color.

  5. These rocks are beautiful and resemble, in shape, those of my native Brittany. beautiful composition

  6. great texture and detail

  7. Happy Birthday old man! Love this rocky outcropping.


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