Friday, December 10, 2010

From the Archives - Finding Splendor: A Postscript

Dear Viewer,
     I'm writing this letter today to inform you the world is lit by splendor, a splendor of color, and line, and shape. Where ever you are now, take a minute to look around and see for yourself. (Go ahead, I'll wait). Sometimes splendor is easy to see. Sometimes not. It may not jump out and say "Look at me!" It may be disguised as the ordinary, the everyday, the mundane. And sometimes splendor is nothing tangible at all. Sometimes it's the ineffable sense of a place, or a fleeting moment of awareness. Or sometimes it's the feeling of something much larger than yourself.
     Below are 3 images from the Midwest that have nice color, line, and shape, and offer a glimpse of splendor. Enjoy!


Old Blue Steps, Newport, Kentucky  © Doug Hickok
Old Silo, Harrison, Indiana  © Doug Hickok
Old Sign, Yellow Springs, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, If you're having trouble finding splendor, chew some Gummy Bears. It's the small things that help make a difference. 

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