Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From the Archives - Where is the Ware?

East Quoddy Lighthouse, Campobello Island, New Brunswick  © Doug Hickok

Passamaquoddy Bay, Schooner Cove, Welshpool, Friar's Head... if this sounds like you're not in Kansas anymore you're right. Where you are is across a short bridge from Lubec, Maine on the small Canadian island of Campobello, from where these colorful place names derive. This mostly rugged landscape of rustic fishing communities, rocky shorelines, and misty forests is a step back in time, a departure from the frenetic life style of the metropolis.
Pictured above is a painted-on window of a shed. It is attached to the East Quoddy Lighthouse, which anchors the northern tip of the island and overlooks the Bay of Fundy. Just visible in the distance is a Herring weir, which the locals call ware. (Where?) Yes, ware. (No, where, where is the ware?) Oh, just there, there is the ware.

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