Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remains of Sunday

Biggin Church Ruins, Moncks Corner, SC  © Doug Hickok

These ruins are all that survive of a colonial parish church built here at Biggin Hill in 1761. During the American Revolution, the British used it as an ammunition depot and burned the church when they fled. It was rebuilt, but damaged again during the Civil War after which it was abandoned. For many years it was used as a salvage yard for bricks. The cemetery is still used today, although it is difficult to tell from this angle. These headstones are quite old, and the inscriptions on them are heavily weathered.
The church was built in fairly sophisticated style for a outlying country church. It was constructed in English bond, with quoins, a Gibbs surround, a water table, and voussoirs (wedge-shaped bricks), which you can see over the arched windows.

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