Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Go West VII - Alluvial Fan

Alluvial Fan, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

In 1982 the ice age terminal moraine that contained Lawn Lake gave way, unleashing millions of gallons of water. A flood swept down the mountain tossing and tumbling trees and boulders with it. In the valley, Horseshoe Park meadows was submerged, and the nearby town of Estes Park was inundated with 6 inches of water.

But the good news is an interesting geological formation was created... an alluvial fan... and a cool new environment to explore. Short trails lead to rapids where visitors can climb on the boulders or wade in the cool waters. It is a very popular spot for picnics as well.

I made this "snap and go" image by resting my camera on the railing of a wooden bridge which spans the stream. I waited till people on the bridge stopped moving and vibrating my support, then made a series of pictures with the longest exposure I dared hand hold (1/4 of a sec). Luckily one was sharp enough to use!

My previous attempts at making this image involved balancing my camera on my nose, like a seal, and clapping my hands and feet together. But for some reason the photographs came out blurry. 

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