Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dedicated to You

Tropical Flowers and Shutter, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

This week marks the first anniversary of Doug's Photo Blog. When I began it last year, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew little about blogging. But I needed a spark, a way to have some fun with my photography. Since I had so many images to share, both slides from the archives and new digital photos, a blog seemed like a promising idea. Later, the idea improved when Becky, my lovely wife, joined the process of creating posts, adding a more exciting dimension to the fun (she is the Editor in Chief of my blog, and of many other things in my life).

What photo blogging has become is pure delight... not only because of the joy of sharing my photos with you, or the satisfaction of writing serious and informative (and often silly and disinformative) posts... but mostly because of you, all of you... friends who drop by for a visit.

One delightfully surprising aspect of blogging is how much I have learned from you. I am constantly amazed by the diversity of your styles, talents, imaginations, techniques and subjects. I believe my photography has improved because of you. And perhaps more importantly, Becky and I enjoy the variety of your personalities.

 Overall, what we have come to realize most about this blogging adventure is how much we enjoy your company. You are the driving force behind our blog.

So, since my eyes are attracted so readily to bright hues, I saved this picture, one of my more colorful images, to dedicate to all of you... our BBF's (best blogger friends). It is a small, humble thing... flowers from Charleston. I know, it is not a million dollars or a palace on the Riviera, or a box of rich chocolates, but nonetheless, it is from the heart.
Thank You Everyone!
(Please stay tuned... tomorrow I will have another offering).

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