Monday, December 13, 2010

Imagination Gone Wild

Ornate woodwork, Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

The oldest building designed as a theatre in America is not in New York, or Chicago, or San Francisco. Nor is it in Santa Fe, or Saint Augustine or Williamsburg. Nor is it in True or Consequences, or Kickapoo, or even South of the Border. It's here in Charleston at the Dock Street Theatre. Last year, when I worked on a photo shoot for the Spoleto Festival USA ticket brochure, I came across this interesting detail of decorative woodwork on a door frame at the Dock Street Theatre. The theatre was nearing completion after a long period of renovation, and final touches were being made to much of the ornate interior. There were so many wonderful close-ups like this one that caught my eye. My imagination tends to get the best of me sometimes, but when I look at this photo I see a face, a sort of whimsical, fantastic face that might belong to a Cirque du Soleil character. I thought of them because of their blend of wild imagination and stunning theatrical production.

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