Friday, April 22, 2011

Homage to Ernst

Sports Car Driver, King Street, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

It's Favorite Photographer Friday (FPF), a feature I began on my blog last week where I link you to a photographer who has influenced my work in some way over the years. Today, I thought I'd dedicate my post to one of my all time favorite photographers, and one of the most influential photographers you may never have heard of, Ernst Haas. Born in Austria in 1921, he later became one of the first photographers invited to join Magnum Photo, where he began a long illustrious career. Haas is admired today for his pioneering work and innovation in color photography, especially with abstracts, reflections, motion blur, and highly saturated images. Many contemporary photographers make images in a style that Ernst Haas set the standard for decades earlier. Take a few moments to browse around his estate website and look through his amazing array of images. You may find yourself marveling at his ingenious vision. Perhaps he'll inspired you as much as he inspired me. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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