Monday, April 4, 2011

Mysterious Monday - Light Keeper's House

Caretaker's House, Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon  © Doug Hickok

Legend has it that the Heceta Head Lighthouse is haunted by the Lady in Gray, or Rue as she is called. She was the wife of an assistant light keeper in the late 1800's who lost her young daughter to a drowning in the waters near the coast. In despair, Rue took her own life.
It fits the story that the word "rue" in English means regret or sorrow. Since then, many people have reported seeing or hearing her ghost in and around the lighthouse and the caretaker's house.
 On a misty and moody evening, I made this image of the light keeper's house as I walked down the hill from the lighthouse, and the gloom of the coastal fog moved in. I thought for an instant I saw something move in the darkening shadows. Was someone on the porch? What was that light in the attic? Could it have been the Lady in Gray?

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