Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saints Alive!

Statues and Papal Coat of Arms, Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City, Italy  © Doug Hickok
(Velvia Slide Film)

Sunday Masses at the Vatican are impressive to see in person. The large crowds that gather in the square in front of Saint Peter's Basilica are surrounded by a colonnade of travertine stone, which hugs the faithful like the "maternal arms of Mother Church", according to its famous designer Bernini. The project was commissioned by Pope Alexander VII, Pontifex Maximus, in the year 1658.

Atop the colonnade are rows of statues representing various saints. In this image a few of them are suffused by the light of a setting sun, which seems to bring the old stone sculptures to life.

(I am trying out a new blogger template this weekend, for a change of pace. I will return to my normal one on Monday.)

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