Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saint Philip's Sunday a la Pirates

Saint Philip's Church, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

Saint Philip's Church steeple rises above the streets of the French Quarter in this starry night image from Charleston. The red lantern is part of the Pirate House, which dates from 1740, and is said to have lodged the visiting sea rover Blackbeard when it was an inn and gaming establishment (we had tourists even back then). A tunnel led from the Battery to the Pirate House and was used by buccaneers entering the city, apparently to keep a low profile. Pirates were not a welcome sight in those days, except in places they spent their hard fought booty.

Speaking of pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow makes his appearance in theaters this weekend in another entertaining installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. We are big fans of Johnny Depp and look forward to any fun new films of his.

( f5.6, 13 secs, ISO 400, tripod)

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