Monday, July 18, 2011

Mysterious Monday - Man in the Window

Self-portrait, East Battery Street, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

A man disguised as a reflection was seen in the window of a mansion early this morning in Charleston. Eye witnesses told varying accounts of how a shadowy figure suddenly appeared as a reflection in the front door window of an antebellum mansion on the Battery. The reflection seemed to be operating a camera on a tripod, photographing either the mansion or a sunrise opposite the mansion, depending on your point of view. Authorities called to the scene had little success convincing the mysterious man to step out of the window. The mansion's owner was visibly perturbed that the impertinent intruder would not promptly leave his property.

After many hot debates and wild gesticulations, it was decided to bring in a local window washer. Efforts to squeegee away the man's image failed, compounding the angst of the authorities and owner. Subsequently, wizards, necromancers, conjurors, and illusionists, adorned in their assorted hats and robes, all attempted to make the recalcitrant reflection magically disappear, but to no avail.

Next up, Alice in Wonderland, along with the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat, will try passing through the looking glass of the mansion door to remove the intruder forcibly.

Officials report that a colorful capture is anticipated.

P.S.  We have been on a long road trip for the past nine days. Along the way, I shot a collection of fun pictures that I'm excited about sharing with you. I'll catch-up with everyone this week. Thank you very much for all your visits!

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