Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where In the World Was Your Favorite Cup of Coffee?

Espresso and Hot Dog Stand, Portland, Oregon  © Doug Hickok

Seeing this colorful but curious Espresso and Hot Dog stand in Portland got me thinking about coffee (but not with popcorn, eek !), which is a favorite topic of mine, which then got me wondering, where in the world did I have my favorite cup of coffee? I'd have to answer that it was in Venice, at the Caffe' del Doge near the Realto. It may have been because we were in La Serenissima after all, or because it was late, and we were exhausted from walking all day, and cold, and thirsty. Or, it may have been because it was simply the most delicious cup of heaven I ever tasted. Ooh la la! Either way, it was fantastic! So, this got me wondering, where in the world did you have your favorite cup of coffee?

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