Thursday, June 30, 2011

Throwback Thursday - Pan and His Delicious Cakes

Amish Farm Fields, Holmes County, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

I made this image several decades ago on Kodachrome film, and now, that seems like ages ago. What is curious is that a pastoral scene such as this, in a convoluted way, reminds me of Pan, the mythological god of fields, flocks and hay fever allergies. A little known item of interest about Pan is that he loved to bake. There is a story (which may be apocryphal) that tells of his fondness for baking cakes, cakes of all makes.

One morning, after a long night of faun frolicking, pan piping and cake baking, Pan found some leftover ingredients laying around his country kitchen, some flour, salt, sugar, eggs and goat's milk. Just to see what would happen, he decided to mix these ingredients together, pour in a skillet, and heat over his hearth. Lo and behold, he made a perfectly round, flat, delicious cake, which he topped with a scoop of fresh berries and a dollop of whipped cream. Pan ate his new found concoction with much pleasure, complementing it with a steaming cup of French pressed coffee.

Hence, the discovery of Pan's cake, or what would become known as
pancakes. Yum!

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