Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something About Mt. Celo

Mt. Celo and Pasture, Black Mountains, North Carolina  © Doug Hickok

This view from the back porch of the cabin we visited shows the slope of a mountain pasture, and in the distance, Mt. Celo. An overnight storm left a dusting of snow on its peak and down its sides, but it melted in the warmth of the next day. Mt. Celo lies at the north end of a range of peaks called the Black Mountains, the foremost peak in this chain being Mt. Mitchell, the tallest peak in the Eastern U.S.

The Black Mountains are 
probably so called because of the dark coniferous forests that cover them. Another likely explanation for their name is that they are virtually impossible to see on black moonless nights, which would explain why so many folks bump into them at night. A third possible explanation is that early settlers in this area were all color blind. There is a forth and fifth explanation as well, but I can not remember them at the moment...  however, you might.

Also, if you recall from your American history lessons, Mt. Celo is tragically never mentioned... probably because it was too dark to see.

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