Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From the Archives - Old Salem Tree Shadow

Winkler Bakery, Old Salem, North Carolina  © Doug Hickok

Winter is well underway in the South. The air is colder but the sun can still warm-up afternoons. On bright days, the light angles a little lower, and shines a little sharper. Colors can be more saturated. I love this kind of light. In this photo, it's late afternoon, and a large bare tree projects its shadow onto the corner of a bakery in Old Salem. It was near here in 1766 where Protestant missionaries from Moravia (a former province in the Czech Republic) settled to begin their new life in the New World. Today the Town of Salem is preserved as though still in the 18th century, an enclave surrounded by the modern urban landscape of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It's a wonderful attraction and well worth a visit to anyone interested in American history, and our connection to the Old World. The Winkler Bakery continues the tradition of baking fresh breads in a wood burning oven. And, boy does it smell heavenly! Here's a link to learn more about Old Salem.

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