Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From the Archives - "Mad Mountain" Haystack vs The "Killer" Needles

Haystack Rock & The Needles, Cannon Beach, Oregon  © Doug Hickok

The 100 million year stand-off between rival rock formations continues, still. For eons the landmark sea stacks of Cannon Beach have battled for position along a spectacular stretch of Oregon coastline. Although the iconic Haystack Rock has the advantage in size (235 feet in elevation), the upstart challengers, commonly known as The Needles, have the advantage in numbers (2). The fiercely combative monoliths are simply enthralling to watch in action. The complex strategies of moves and counter-moves, feints and counter-feints, are utterly captivating. Of course the minor drawback for fight fans is that you have to be a little patient. The imperceptible nature of this geological fray usually takes a few millennia to play out. But still... you have to admit its a match for the ages!

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