Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bluesy Tuesday - Shrimp Boats

Shrimp Boats on Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC  © Doug Hickok

Shem Creek is a popular place to berth boats of all sorts... sail boats, mid-sized yachts, deep sea fishing vessels, and especially shrimp boats. The shrimping industry is important to the local economy. But times are changing, and shrimpers are feeling the pinch of higher costs, decline in the demand for ocean caught shrimp, and government regulation. Some shrimpers say in 20 years or so, the industry could be sunk. It's true there are fewer shrimp boats tying up at Shem Creek these days. Instead they're being replaced more and more by pleasure craft. Even kayakers make their home here now.

On a brighter note, if you relish seafood, Shem Creek is the waterfront spot to be. Restaurants line the docks on either side, and offer up delicious fare fresh from the deep blue sea.

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