Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saint Mary's Basilica

Cloth Hall Lantern & Saint Mary's Basilica, Main Market Square,
Old Town, Krakow, Poland  © Doug Hickok

Saint Mary's Basilica is seen here through an archway of Cloth Hall, in the Main Market Square of Krakow's Old Town. The Gothic brick church was rebuilt in the 14th century after a city fire, and is featured in Eric P. Kelly's young adult novel, The Trumpeter of Krakow. This book tells the story of the town trumpeter who sounded an alarm in the tower of Saint Mary's during an attack by the Mongols in 1241. He was shot in the throat before he could complete his song. Today the trumpeter's mournful alarm 
is heard from the church on the hour, and breaks-off midway to commemorate his famous deed.

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