Monday, November 12, 2012

Anniversary Post

Deck of a Coast Guard Cutter, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

This week marks an anniversary for Doug's Photo Blog! For two years I have made daily posts, with an emphasis on Charleston photography, but also showing images from various travels, both recent and past.

As blogs usually do, this one has evolved over time. Originally I started the blog as a way of having some fun with photography and writing. The first year of the blog featured images accompanied by stories or "entertainments", some serious, some not so serious. My wife Becky joined in the fun as blog editor. But with my busy work schedule, I had less time to devote to writing as time went by.

This past year I have been better at promoting my commercial work by linking the blog to my travel stock photography business here in Charleston, while simultaneously riding the coat tails of Charleston's rise as a world travel destination.

Who knows what direction the blog will take next.

The daily photoblog helps me sharpen my photography skills and passions. Equally important is you, my blog friends, who take a moment of your time to visit, whether just to look or also comment. So I plan to continue the daily posting of images, with hopes of making your day and mine, a little more pleasurable.

 Thank you once again for all of your visits to Doug's Photo Blog!

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