Friday, November 19, 2010

From the Archives - Thou Art Like A Stoic

Near the hamlet of Trenton, Maine   © Doug Hickok

Alas, methinks it not easy being the Maine Lobsterman cut-out, betrimmed in your spectacles and your slickers, your foolish grin displayed as though on stage for all the world to gape or leer at. Well then, as you like it. Mark ye gentlemen and gentlewomen, imagine the slings and arrows he must endure, the ill-blowing tempests, the benumbing winters, the tooth-picking tourists and their eye-offending antics, a-brandishing cameras before his merry visage, a-clicking, click, click, click. Pah! And you, brave sir, standing stolidly without so much as a blink or flinch, like Pericles or Julius Caesar in the face of perilous harm. Forsooth, would not even that good Greek sage Zeno make much ado about your valiant Down East stoicism? By my beard, that is well said, well said! And as with many a tale well told, all's well that ends well.
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