Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Storm Broods on Mount Hood

Mount Hood in Summer, Oregon  © Doug Hickok

Mount Hood is a remarkable landmark. It is Oregon's tallest mountain (11,239 ft), visible up to one hundred miles away. It is covered by 12 glaciers or permanent snow fields and is the only mountain in North America with year round snow. The ancient cone-shaped volcano is estimated to be the one most likely to erupt in Oregon.

When we visited Mount Hood a few years ago, I made this image using a 300 mm lens mounted on a Nikon F3HP camera, with Velvia RVP 100 slide film, pushed one stop.

We also searched high and low for a view of Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch), but found only foot prints. We weren't 100% sure of who or what left them. For all we knew, they could have been my foot prints, since I normally wear big, ape-sized hiking boots with hairy toes. I know it sounds far fetched, but it's true.

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