Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red-Eyed Gargoyle

Gargoyle Statue, Village of Lewisburg, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

We associate gargoyles with towering medieval cathedrals in Europe. These stone sculptures were designed as waterspouts to transfer rainwater away from buildings, or used sometimes as grotesques to scare away evil spirits.

So it was a little surprising to find, on our second, most recent road trip to Ohio, a pair of tall gargoyles guarding the entrance to an old Victorian home in the little town of Lewisburg. These two ferocious lions came equipped with glowing red eyes as well. Perhaps this is an intimidating sign to neighbors to beware of trespassing, or simply another version of local mid-American kitsch.

With my commitment to unadulterated journalistic reportage, I decided not to use the red eye function on my camera.

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