Friday, February 4, 2011

Ode to a Classic

Old Truck, Burnsville, NC  © Doug Hickok

The old truck Zephyrus was once a god of the road. Breezing down a two lane highway at the jaw-dropping speed of 35 mph, his new body of freshly painted steel glinting, his spotless chrome trim gleaming, he became the talk of the town. But time passes, like the gusts of the west wind, and  Zephyrus soon blew gently toward the twilight of his winter, becoming obsolete, nearly forgotten, by-passed by the newer, the faster, the more beautiful. Yet, he persisted. Born into a new Spring and thriving once again, he assumed the mantel of a weathered, but colorful character. He stands today, proud, venerable, and wise, the classic symbol of a shining era gone by.

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