Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Young Couple, Paris Bakery, Auburn, Alabama  © Doug Hickok

Occasionally I scold myself for not having my camera ready, not thinking spontaneously enough, or not refining a composition a step or two further. My style of taking photos can be euphemistically described as "slow" or "meditative". What's more, you could say, the reason I don't shoot much fast action photography is because I excel at the "indecisive moment".

Nevertheless, with this impromptu image of my daughter and her boyfriend, made on our recent trip to Auburn, I was better prepared for spontaneity. Instead of making a straight forward portrait of the two sitting together, I made a quick refined image, framing only their mirrored shoulders and their green hues. I think this photo illustrates nicely the nonchalance of the moment.

Being prepared with a heightened sense of awareness enabled me to seize the opportunity as it occurred.

Now, if only I could be this prepared for the unexpected in other aspects of my life... like remembering to keep rolls of duct tape in my pockets in case my flip flops broke, or my tie ripped, or most dreaded of all, in case the bridge of my glasses snapped in two. Words of advice for preparation... duct tape, never leave home without it.

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