Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Uncommon

Detail of Handicap Parking Symbol, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

One day something will catch your eye a certain way, even if you have seen it a million times. One day the common will become uncommon. Some little detail will jump out at you. Perhaps it will be a color, or the way the light is shining. I have walked over these handicap parking symbols in every parking lot in town it seems. But on this day, in this parking lot, I became intrigued with the color and texture of paint on asphalt. It had just rained, so maybe it was the way the water saturated the hues that caught my eye... I grabbed my camera and shot it.

But discovering that uncommon moment doesn't have to be in photography. It could be in anything. It could be the long sought solution to a problem you have struggled to solve... or it could be that you finally understand the punch line to a joke a friend told you weeks ago... or maybe one day you realize you like, really like, the taste of dry lima beans. And now you want to munch them by the handful.
Whatever your uncommon discovery...

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