Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gods of the Mountains

Mt. Celo at Dusk, Black Mountains, North Carolina  © Doug Hickok

From ancient times, gods have been known to dwell on mountains. In Greece, Zeus and the twelve principle gods of Greek mythology inhabited Mount Olympus. Vulcan was associated with the fire of volcanos, where he made his thunderbolts. In Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, Lord Brahma is said to sit atop the scared mountain of Mount Meru, where he resides at the center of the universe. In Maori legend, the mountain being, Taranaki, retreated to New Zealand after losing a mighty battle between other mountains, and became known as the volcano Mount Taranaki. During spectacular sunsets, he is thought to be showing-off.

In this image, the gods of Mt. Celo appear to have gathered at sunset for a cook out. They are roasting marsh mellows over a camp fire, and eating s'mores.

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