Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Laughing Matter

Laughing Gull, Folly Beach, SC  © Doug Hickok

There is not a dull gull on Folly Beach these days. Laughing gulls in particular are riotously noisy and seemingly ubiquitous. They frequent the pier, the beach, the parking lots, the areas behind restaurants, and of course, the skies. They are especially eager for handouts, as this handsome bird was. Although I had nothing to give, I tried making-up for my lack of charity by encouraging the gull to laugh at some of my jokes. I tried knock-knock jokes, rim shot one-liners, puns, and even tried my best blue-footed boobie imitation. Not surprisingly, all my attempts at jokes fell flat. The only response I got from the gull was a quiet, curious look, as if to say, "This guy is a looney bird".

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