Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Paradox of Perspective

Looking Up at a Street Lamp and Old Enquirer Building, Cincinnati, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

We journey through life perceiving our world mostly from "ground level". Opinions, beliefs, values and philosophies... our individual world view... are all based on this typical perspective.

View of Downtown and Ohio River Valley from Carew Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

But, from a drastically opposite perspective, our world looks completely different. Perhaps it is pleasant, or perhaps it is unsettling compared to what we are accustomed to or comfortable with. Call this new perspective an epiphany, a revelation, the light bulb over your head lighting-up, or simply another person's opposing world view. Regardless, the view expands our horizons.

Though both of these world views are radically different, both are true, valid, and exist simultaneously.

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