Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charleston Shutters

Shutters, Tradd Street, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

As you stroll along the narrow streets and alleyways of old Charleston, you will notice most residential windows come adorned with a functioning pair of shutters. For a city that can be exposed to heavy weather from the sea... tropical storms and hurricanes... having shutters that quickly close to protect windows is a benefit. Shutters are usually made of timber and painted an assortment of colors pre-approved by the Board of Architectural Review (BAR).

But one shutters to think what would happen if an unapproved color was ever used... say, neon pink polka dots over a dayglow green background. Egads!

(If you click on the link above and "Launch Color Visualizer", you can paint the town red... or any color you prefer!)

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