Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cloth Hall

Cloth Hall, Old Town Krakow, Poland  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
 (Velvia slide film)

This elegant facade is the entry to Krakow's Cloth Hall. It has been the center of various trade in the old market square since the Renaissance. It is believed to be the oldest shopping mall still in use.

If only Walmart looked this good, the world would be a touch more stylish.


  1. What a great detail of the architecture!

  2. Amazing yellow stones! Beautiful shot.
    have a nice day.

  3. nice and strong colours in this lovely architecture shot - with parallel lines !!!

  4. I like the ornate upper-part of the building, and the warm light on it.

  5. Cracow is one of my favourites!
    Unfortunately, it was wet and misty when I was there.
    But it was kinda "atmospheric", I guess. ;o)

    >I see sweaters and jackets there…
    Yes, it was rather wet and windy in Sheffield!
    Very rubbish weather. Originally, I wanted to visit the Peak District and use Sheffield as a base.
    Guess I have to do the Peak District another time.
    Yorkshire has a lot to offer!
    Come and visit England soon. ;o)
    We don't have yackety yaks in England ,
    but Scotland does have horny and shaggy Highland cows!

  6. Yellow against the blue skies. Wonderful. :)

  7. Another country Doug... i never know where i'll find you... great framing... hope to see you in Northern Ontario some day....peter:)

  8. Wow, how true is that! Can they make those stores more ugly? Cool shot full of gorgeous light and a cool history to boot!

  9. that sure is a handsome facade.. great shot! :)


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