Sunday, June 24, 2012

Go West XI - Boulder

Hiking in Gregory Canyon, Boulder, Colorado  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Boulder, Colorado lies at the convergence of the High Plains and the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and offers the best of both worlds with plenty of open space.

Boulder County Parks and Open Space manages a whopping 36,000 acres of public use lands and more than 110 miles of trails for walking, running, hiking or biking, 
making Boulder one of the most outdoor user friendly cities in the U.S.  This, combined with a vigorous high altitude climate and a plethora of sunny days, encourages a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Shown here is Gregory Canyon, where one can hike a maze of trails overlooking Boulder. The tall brick buildings in the distance are the main campus of University of Colorado, Boulder. The blue lake is Baseline Reservoir.

 We spent 5 glorious days here visiting with dear friends while sampling much that Boulder had to offer. We loved every moment.

(Over the past week, I have presented images
 introducing you to many of the places we visited, setting the tone for more detail-oriented photos as I continue our "Go West" travelogue for another week. Hope you stay tuned.)


  1. You certainly have captured the enormity of this landscape. It stretches as far as the eye can see ... and beyond.

  2. Beautiful location and views around.

  3. It's a great hiking course. Just beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful picture of the landscape. The places where mountains and plains meet are always special and offer great views...

  5. The horizon is magnificent!What a fabulous view and your picture is beautiful!

  6. love the juxtaposition of the distant skyscrapers and the hiking couple

    1. The juxtaposition of the hikers and the college has more significance than you know!
      The man hiking with Becky graduated from the University of Colorado and now works with students from the college.

  7. Wspaniałe miejsce do wędrówek i piękne widoki. Pozdrawiam.
    A great place for hiking and beautiful views. Yours.

  8. Isn't that a golf course in the middle ground?
    Hikers, watch out! :o)

    Still no yaks charging?
    I put on my bright red pants today
    and I thought maybe I could wake them up.

  9. That is some pretty country! I love places where you can be outdoors. Right now Tucson is not that place with heat hitting 108...yuck!

  10. I like seeing the people. Boulder is a fabulous city.

  11. What a beautiful setting, Doug. I will stay tuned...

  12. Talk about great depth perception Doug! ... you have captured the landscape very well using the hikers in the foreground for scale....peter:)

  13. LOng is the road!!! Nice capture!
    Have a nice day.

  14. i'm enjoying this series so far.. :) really nice work! :)


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