Monday, December 5, 2011

Red Monday

Johnson Row, Queen Street, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

Monday is back to action day. Monday is get your blood moving again day. Monday is a red day. So what better stimulant do you need than a vibrantly red photograph to wake you up, and stir you to action. Well, maybe a strong cup of coffee or espresso will do too.

These Queen Street row houses in the French Quarter of Charleston date from the early 1800's. From here it is a short stroll to the Dock Street Theatre, art galleries, restaurants and historic churches. These houses are flying flags of the state of South Carolina, and an early American flag of 15 stars that dates from 1795. Displaying flags from Charleston's various historic periods is common for homeowners downtown.

If you are interested, #24 Queen Street is for sale... it is listed for just over 2 million dollars. This includes a pleasant garden in back with a nice koi pond too.


  1. Smile on, Silver your imagination! :)

    Very nice, Doug. Enough to wake anyone up!

  2. Vaya rojo mas profundo con la luna como espectadora. Bonita imagen. Saludos.-

  3. Very nice picture and lovely colors.

  4. A koi pond! It's a done deal. Send me the contract.

  5. Who ever is living here, I think really likes vivid colored wall paintings :)
    Very nice photo! Have a good day Doug!

  6. Thanks for visiting Doug ! What a blast of colors here ! Such a wonderful vibrance !

  7. well, you had me until you mentioned the price. i think we'll have to pass on this beauty.

  8. So red!
    Are you sure Monday's not the right day to join the Communist Party of Charleston?
    Come join the club, I'll be the chairman.
    You can be the janitor. ;)

    >the rest of the time I’ll use the normal one… it is a little more user friendly.

    What on earth are you insinuating, D?
    You think your readers are not geeky enough? ;o)
    Bring it on! Ha...

  9. What a great colour contrast! Also I liked Moon in the left corner. Seems I have to save up some money for buying it :)
    Have a great RED Monday Doug!

  10. Magníficas composiciones las suyas.
    Me gusta su espacio...
    Un saludo cordial,

  11. a most interesting flag
    great intense colors

  12. Absolutely exquisite. Excellent pov and detail. The moon is a very nice touch.

  13. i very much like this vivid red color, doug, so i'm asking you to contact the people who are selling that house ... i think with a downpayment of 2000 $ and 200 $ a month, i'll be able to pay for it in 833 years or so ... (that's without interest, of course! could you find out for me if this agrees with them?!? ;-))

  14. I gave up coffee a week or so ago so this really hits the spot. Great vivid color and I really like the strong diagonals

  15. Very nice with the discret moon! Great colors again!
    Have a nice day.

  16. now if only i had $2M handy.. :D but this is seriously nice.. i like how you captured that moon there too.. :)


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