Sunday, December 4, 2011

Charm in Krakow

Main Market Square, Old Town, Krakow, Poland  © Doug Hickok
(Velvia Slide Film)

One of the most charming places we experienced in Europe was the historic square of Old Town Krakow at twilight. With the beautiful church of Saint Mary's as a back drop, the vast open area was alive with people savoring the warm summer evening. Young couples enjoyed each other's company surrounded by the romantic glow of street lights, carriages clip-clopped around the square, and restaurants hummed with customers relishing dinner in the evening air... sigh... a place and time which, now, seems so long ago.


  1. Nice photo, and what a lovely description! This is a good layout for your blog.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Preciosa imagen. Me gusta mucho el color y la nitidez. Saludos Doug.-

  3. A skilfull illuminated photo! Wonderful image, Doug!

  4. The colors are so vivid and the scene is charming...

  5. Beautiful... and your lovely description makes it even better.


  6. · Great photo in the blue hour.
    I would like going to that square.

    · hugs

    CR & LMA

  7. Bardzo się cieszę, że tak miło i prawdziwie odczułeś atmosferę Krakowa. Jest to piękne miasto i ja tam często bywam. Zdjęcie oddaje jego urok. Dziękuję, że zaspokoiłeś moją ciekawość dotyczą koszulki z polskimi symbolami. Miło mi, że jest z Tobą na zdjęciu :-). Pozdrawiam

  8. i've been here, that's a beautiful big square, great shot

  9. Oh I love this Flipcard format, D!
    This is your second attempt to adopt this layout, isn't it?
    It came alive when you blogged about Santo Bloggio.
    This time is Santo Maria, eh?
    So will we get to see this again when Santo Claus comes to town? ;o)

    I see, it's a Saint concoction.
    Or it's just an insane connection?

    I missed your Douglas Falls post!
    Only came across it with this Flipcard feature turned on.
    That's a good one!! ;o)
    Really good one!

  10. Guaooooooooo i love your blog
    todas las fotos me gustan todasssssssss
    que gran colorido, belleza, tiene todooo muy profesional
    me quedo con todasss
    Fue un placer entrar a su blog estoy emocionada de ver sus fotos hermosassssssssssss

    Saludos desde Panamá

  11. Beautiful photo, I love the perspective and that delicious twilight. Greetings.

  12. wow, wonderful tones of blue, great atmosphere ... krakow is so close from where i live, but i admit i've never been there! time to go, it seems! ;-))
    i think i could get used to the new blog, too, ...

  13. Beautiful romantic shot Doug--gorgeous at the blue hour. I so want to visit. [Sigh] Yet another place to add to the list...

  14. This is really beautiful . Your view is unique and very pleasing to the eye . Lovely
    Thanks so much for your visit. Hope you do stop once in awhile when you have time. I know what this time of year is like

  15. this sure looks like a beautiful place.. very nice capture.. :)


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