Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Black Pine

Black or Pitch Pine, Licklog Ridge Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina  © Doug Hickok
(click image for larger view)

This old pine, which perches at the edge of an overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway, is a landmark at this spot. Who knows how old it is... several hundred years is my guess. It has probably stood here since the era when only the Catawba Indians inhabited these mountains and valleys. Clearly it has seen its best days. Yet old Methuselah will likely stand sentinel for a decade or more, even if only as a shell of its vigorous prime.

Undoubtedly it has witnessed untold changes over its lifetime, more than we humans will know. In essence, this old pine is symbolic of the Appalachians, some of the oldest mountains on earth. Like these ancient enduring ranges, this old black pine practices patience and resilience, even in the twilight of its existence.

(This weekend I am trying out a new blog template. 
Tell me what you think. If it works well, I'll use it again next weekend.)


  1. looks like a tree from the lord of rings :)

  2. Well, Doug, I like it's aspect. I have just seen before Per Ove's blog (it is in my blogroll)and I try to get used to this new format. It is really interesting and the information is better organized, I think.

    I like the photo of the old tree. Even if in our woods one may older trees, I don't think they are THAT old! But I have seen (and photographed) really old trees in China and South Korea.

  3. Fantastic movement of the branches. Really well seen! Beautiful capture!
    Have a nice day.

  4. What an old pine tree! Beautiful photo!
    Sincerely I don't like very much this blog template (maybe I am a little bit obscurantist), but you decide :)

  5. a very beautiful image again, and again from my beloved appalachians, and accompanied by very poetic words!
    as to your new blog, i can't say yet if i like it better than the old one or not. i guess it'll take some time to "sink in", but i commend you for trying out something new ...

  6. I was fascinated by the new template: the thumbnail part may be not so practical, but it is funny and spectacular.

  7. It looks like this old Black Pine will last forever Doug... i like your new template... it tempts the visitor to look further into your archive....peter:)

  8. Very nice picture of this old tree.
    It is the first time to see the new bloggers templates. Flipcard is a good choice. I like also the snapshot in a similar idea.

  9. Stunning photograph!
    The new template looks beautiful i love it!
    Very cool to see so many great images together!

  10. What a great gnarled old tree--your crop and composition really give it life and and anthropomorphic qualities to match your excellent post.

    I'm about to explore your new template but so far I really like what I see!

  11. A wonderful pic! I really appreciate the narrative with your pics. Nice writing style!

    Also thanks for your visit to Shutterbugs and your nice comments. Muchly appreciated!

  12. nice work highlighting the gnarly textures and branches of this tree.. nicely captured.. :)


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