Friday, November 18, 2011

Light Entertainment

Crazy Lady Woodcarving, Oregon  © Doug Hickok

To continue from yesterday's post, which noted this blog's one year anniversary, I wanted to revisit several of my early posts. These are what I would call "light entertainments" rather than pure photography posts. I have put in links to 10 of them. My hope is to put a silly grin on your face going into the weekend.

Thou Art Like A Stoic
The Shocking Truth About Yuccas
Pythagoras and the Geometry of Gas
Tahiti in Hiding
"Mad Mountain" Haystack vs. the "Killer" Needles
The King of Early B-Boy
The Sultans of Swat
The Eyes Have It
Ode to a Classic
Pan and His Delicious Cakes



  1. Doug, thank you for these. They are really great shots! I really like Pythagoras and the Geometry of Gas, wonderful!

  2. Fabulous, Doug! Someone sure had fun with this!!

  3. Doug thank you, light is very important!

  4. such fun to go back and witness the 'birth' of your blog. now if you could figure out a way to take us back so we could see the big-bang...

  5. Yes - enjoyed !!
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. That's pretty cool man. Nice shot.

  7. Ha ha!
    I like it light - just like the way I like my pancakes.

  8. thanks for your lovely comment today, doug ... if you ever do write a poem, let me know ... !!!
    now, your post today has certainly brought a wide grin to my face - something like the grin in your photo ! what a funny idea in the first place, and what a well-spotted image this is! i particularly like the wonderful veins in the wood here ...

  9. how could i forget???
    thanks for the links to the previous funny posts!
    they surely serve to entertain ... ;-))
    (i like the haystack vs. needles shot best ...)

  10. And put a smile for the weekend you most surely did! Quite a collection light as it may be. Well composed and shot, but most importantly fun and eye catching! Brilliant work!

  11. Congratulations for your point of view

  12. Gems Doug, gems! Definitely put a smile on my face--cheers!


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