Monday, June 20, 2011

Mysterious Monday - Varieties of Perception

Farmyard Cat, Village of Lewisburg, Ohio  © Doug Hickok

Mystery of the day... What is this a picture of ?

Cute, cuddly kitten or
Napoleon's hat.

Clint Eastwood's poncho from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or
Inspector Clouseau's trench coat.

Misplaced hubcap from an old jaguar or
Prairie schooner overpacked with beaver pelts.

Ronaldo's retired soccer shoes or
Denizen of Katmandu.

Snoozing Yeti or
Napping Yak.

Mozart's wig or
Tolstoy's beard.

Triple layer Lemon Bourbon cake or
Insidious alien from top secret Area 51.

Hypotenuse of a Euclidian triangle or
Cheerleader's pompoms.

Lady Gaga's eye-patch or
Blackbeard the Pirate's manbag.

Garfield's stand-in Chester A. Arthur or
Coney Island hot dog.

Pippi Longstocking's pony tails or
Fannie Mae's empty purse.

Wombat disguised as a chicken or

Java Chip Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top.

Vision from the mind of Hieronymus Bosch or

Salvador Dali's handlebar mustache.

Great Pyramid of Giza or
Fearsome feline predator, bane to all barnyard mice.

It is curious that what appears obvious to one person can be so completely different to another (i.e. religion, politics, art, sports, etc.).

Although today's post seems utterly absurd, it poses the question, does perception depend more on objective observation or subjective frame of mind?


  1. that's what i was doing the whole weekend.. lol! cute capture..

  2. Generally, it has to be a mix of both, but some people use more one or the other, it depends on the individual. This is my opinion.

    Beyond philosophy, the cat is great!

  3. Great shot of this very nice cat.

    Greetings, Joop

  4. I see a very adorable kitty-cat!

  5. Very interesting perspective in your words today!I need to confess, I'm totally confuse now! :)
    Anyway the important point : today is Monday, and I would love taking a nap as this ADORABLE kitty but I can't !
    I hate Mondays! :(

  6. I'm wondering what sort of celebrating you did on father's day after reading this post.

  7. That would be quite a discussion, Doug, right?! :) Some things seem so obvious until you get someone else's input on it!!!

    In the meantime, what an adorable, cute and cuddly klitten. Suddenly I feel very tired....

  8. So sweet, look that little paw! ;-)

  9. Aww little kitty. Looks like a sound sleeper!

  10. Thank you Dough, Summer time is my time for work so I will not visit you so often. HAPPY SUMMER for you and yours.

    See you soon

  11. Portrait of a cat's just super! Bravo!

  12. aaaaaaaaaawwww i really love everything about this photo. the composition, the natural light and the tight crop :D

  13. oh man, you just made Trey's day with this picture...he wants a kitten so bad!

  14. Yes, but is it really a kitten? That's the metaphysical question of the day :^)

  15. How can you thing of anything but that cute face. Interesting post.

  16. Ce n'est pas un chat.

    The science points to differences in hardwiring for many of the variations in perspective on politics, religion, art etc. So I guess the answer (which seems like a waffle) is that my objective observation may be different than yours.

    GREAT post

  17. It is soooo cute, reminds my cat's sleeping shot ;)

  18. Awwww what a cute kitty, he looks so peaceful having his nap.

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