Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mixed Bag

Yardarms, Tall Ship, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

Sailors tying up sails on the yardarm of a tall ship.

Deck of Tall Ship, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok

Ropes on the deck of a Coast Guard tall ship docked in Charleston.

Red Barn, Rural Ohio  © Doug Hickok

An image from my days of roaming around the countryside in Ohio.
(shot on Kodachrome 64 slide film, 1986)

Reflections of Shrimp Boats, Shem Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC  © Doug Hickok

Homage to Jackson Pollack.

Faded Mural, Folly Beach, SC  © Doug Hickok

Answer to the mystery movie star on the mural (from Tuesday's post) -
Ingrid Bergman... painted on the side of the restaurant, Planet Follywood.


  1. You presented here some very nice shots!
    I like best the ship photos, but all of them are excellent. Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Bonjour Doug!
    This set of picture is a gift for our Sunday!Thanks so much!
    Wonderful captures!

  3. I agree wiht Leia, this is a gift, and ofcouse these are the kind of photos, that i like it.

  4. From tall boats to quiet beauty, this is a wonderful post.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful images of the tall ships. I see you did your Pollock quite well...

  6. Perfect collection - a bright, beautiful and diverse

  7. I like infinitely ships with veil also I can only like these images. I also like very much the texture of the one who shows the reflections in the water and, of course, divine Ingrid Bergman. Nice serie.

  8. Great series, Doug. I specially love the feeling of height created by the masts and bridge structure in the first one, not to mention the beautiful tones.

  9. Excellent and interesting set.

  10. wow. a visual delight. i love the bridge.

  11. what a great mixed bag :)

  12. What a great mix of pictures.
    I like the retro one from Ohio.
    And I would never have guessed Ingrid Bergman (I was sure it had to be a man, somehow :)

  13. I like Red Barn,excellent for me!

  14. Outstanding mixed bag of shots here Doug. What a gorgeous tall ship.


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