Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday of a Photographer

A young Doug getting his legs in shape for those low POV shots.

I know Doug promised you a "mixed bag day with several promised images" but in honor of Doug's birthday, I, Becky, have made an executive decision to postpone the mixed bag for one day.  I hope you enjoy these images... even though they were not taken by a "real" photographer.
Reflection of a photographer.

Whatever it takes to get the shot.
See, those squats paid off!

Shadow of a photographer... or 2.

Capturing Krakow.

To shoot or not to shoot... that is the question.

Happy Birthday Doug ! ! !


  1. Happy Birthday Doug!!!

  2. Hi Becky....wish Doug a Happy Birthday for me.....
    If you think that you are not a real photographer....stop listening to Doug:) ....the shots in this presentation are as good as i have ever seen by some of the best....well done my Lady....have a fun filled weekend....peter:)

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day, Doug!

    Excellent series, Becky! You may start a photoblog as well:)

  4. Wow it's an excellent post and so adorable homage!
    Happy Birthday Doug!
    Lots of lights and happiness to your lovely heart.
    Thanks Becky this post is awesome!
    Léia & Cezar

  5. Happy Birthday, Doug! Brilliant birthday tribute, Becky. What fun to see this celebration of photographer and photography!

  6. A wonderful post!
    Doug you are a remarkable Artist!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Doug. And thanks, Becky, for the photos!

  8. This is a great series and an enjoyable tribute to your photographer hubby. Hope it's a happy birthday for Doug and a fun day all around for your family!

  9. Shot by the better half!!

    Well done Becky and a very happy birthday to Doug.

  10. Happy for yor Dough.
    I like to much old photos.
    Greetings and have fun in your birthay

  11. Happy Birthday Doug!
    Lots of love, peace and wonderful moments to photograph!

    Great idea, well done! ;-)

  12. Hi Becky and happy birthday Doug.

  13. Becky, thank you for the beautiful pictures shown... it is always fun to see the person behind the pictures.
    Hope you had a great day, congratulations and I LOVE the series about the tall ships and boats and water, that reflection is fabulous.
    I looked at this post yesterday late night... so I came back :)

  14. Happy belated birthday Doug.

    You have nice photos from Your birthday. I like the variety of them.

    I had also a very interesting birthday preset - to pass in Flying simulator and so my dream came true.

  15. Happy birthday, sir. Nice to see you in action.

  16. Happy Birthday Doug
    Nice to see your photos - beautiful and varied

  17. In Russia people say:"Better late than never".
    Many happy returns of the day, Doug!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world!
    All your photographs are super-great ones without exception (and, of course, done by Becky too)! Especially "To shoot or not to shoot..."! Good luck forever!

  18. I see, to become a good photographer takes a lot of squatting practice! Ha ha! Nobody told me this... :D

    Happy belated birthday, D!

  19. Happy Birtday! You were a cute kid:)


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