Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From the Archives - If Life Was Like A Gondola

Blue Gondola, Venice, Italy  © Doug Hickok

If life was like a gondola, it would be simple and stylish, with artistry in the details.

If life was like a gondola, it would glide along smoothly and serenely, with sweet serenading songs to sooth you.

If life was like a gondola, there would be unmatched beauty all around, with a kaleidoscope of colors to astonish you!

If life was like a gondola, you could dock at a cafe along the Grand Canal, and enjoy a sunset while sipping creamy cappuccinos, and savoring succulent chocolates. (Yum. No, wait, that's a double yum!)

That would be the life.


  1. good vision piece of work. charming elements-at-play mode.

  2. HA! I love your imagination, Doug. Dream on!

  3. Beautiful depth to the colours - and great words. Just wondering where the Sophia Loren look-a-likes fit into this idea of heaven?!

  4. I appreciate both photo and poem!
    Not easy to be original in Venice!
    Well done,


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