Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying Respectable

Fence Line, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
(Velvia slide film.)

While hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway, on a trail bordered by an old fence, light from the setting sun made everything golden.

This rustic fence line caught my eye. I thought a low point of view would simplify the scene, separating it from the background of mountains.

So as the light began to fade, I stooped low and grabbed the shot. Luckily, for the sake of my respectable reputation, I did not stoop too low.


  1. Always best to stay respectable while stooping Doug.

  2. No matter how low you stoop Doug, you remain very high in the estimation of your mother-in-law.

  3. Love the light in the image. So inviting and calming. And I like the low angle.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Lovely colors and superb low depth of field.

  5. Your choice of viewpoints resulted in a fine image. Good job of shooting.

  6. What a wonderful shot! I really like the low angle and the shallow DoF!
    Beautiful tones and light!


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