Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday - Headless in the Courtyard

Headless Sculpture, Belvedere Courtyard, Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Italy
(Kodachrome film)

A headless classical statue finds its niche
 in the Vatican Museum's Belvedere Courtyard.

Three years ago this week, I found my niche in the blogosphere when I started Doug's Photo Blog. Over 1100 consecutive daily posts later, I am still at it and determined to continue as long as possible.

I wish to thank all visitors, especially the one's who have been regulars over
the years. And I offer a special thanks to my wife, Becky, who has been my
 blog/life editor since the earliest days.


  1. Congratulations on an important milestone and an outstanding photoblog! Look forward seeing much more of your amazing work in the near future!

  2. I thought that looked familair! ;-)

    Greetings from a former Roman!

  3. Congratulations on your blog anniversary and best wishes for the future, to you and your blog editor!
    I am so glad a fellow blogger from Charleston linked to your blog and let me find you that way.

  4. Congratulations Doug and thanks for the pleasure of viewing your photos and for the many fine memories some of those photos have awakened.

  5. Congratulation to be in the blogosphere sharing your photos and your anniversary. It's a pleasure for us.
    This roman headless is fantastic.
    Greetings Doug.

  6. congrats on the milestone, sure is rewarding to do something you enjoy.. ;) keep it up!

  7. Congratulations! Great how you fill the niche. Your photography is wonderful. Your blog is in my reader quite a while, but now I have to write here.


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