Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bear Lake Forest

Lake Side Forest, Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Offering cool shade in the high mountains, a grove of conifers

 shelters the edge of Bear Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park.


  1. With a name like that I'd be more on the lookout for the bears than tranquil scenes like that.

  2. I like the downward angle you've chosen and the calm mood of the shot. Great find, Doug!

  3. A fine picture of this lake through the trees. I can almost smell the great odor of being there.

  4. is a luxury for a country to have so many natural park.
    Nice picture friend. regards

  5. yep, with a name like that, i'd make sure to bring some bear spray.. :D


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