Thursday, May 9, 2013

Steps and Stuff

Steps, Fairmont Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

For a change of pace, this post shows hotel steps. If you wanted to see a gerbil who likes to macrame a loofah holder while eating apricot flavored sherbet, then today's picture will be a disappointment.

P.S. The English words gerbil, macrame, loofah, apricot and sherbet are all derived from the Arabic, jarbu, miqrama, lufha, al barqooq, and sharab respectively. 

Just needed to catch-up on our English/Arabic word lessons.


  1. So many lines and colors... Sure looks like great architecture.

  2. So beautiful composition, I like the different colors, mainly the color of the water so intense and adorable!

  3. A wonderful study of angles and planes. The various materials used here create a fascinating mix of textures and colors

  4. It's really a shame that zigzag is not an Arabic word. ;o)
    I like simple picture like this one :)
    You brought the zen out of this zigzag. :6)

  5. Wonderful composition of angles, colors and textures. Cleverly spotted and well executed.

  6. Very nice angle and composition.

  7. ah, i love how you toy with lines and angles and planes and perspectives here, doug ... you're quite the mathematician, righ ?!?
    (thanks again for the crash course in arabic ... ;-)

  8. Love those diagonals and the black wedge of shadow. Brilliant....


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