Thursday, May 23, 2013

Palace Coffee Room

Coffee Room, Al Ain Palace, Al Ain, UAE  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Of all the rooms in all the palaces and hotels and resorts in the UAE, this one would be my favorite... the coffee room in Sheikh Zayed's palace. This is where he entertained his guests while serving fresh Arabian coffee straight from the coals.

Coffee is an excellent word... a very excellent word... one which I love to use freely in daily conversation. Yes, it is derived from the Arabic qahwah, which means any stimulating drink, but especially the one which Doug drinks with relish

Today's post concludes our UAE series. 
I hope you have enjoyed them as much as we did! Tomorrow I will switch to regular programing, featuring images of Charleston and other points on the compass. But because I have so many images from the UAE, I will continue to post them occasionally.


  1. Ha... I can imagine one enjoying his coffee and shisha in this room!
    I have had ethiopian coffee ceremony before. ;o)
    They also used proper coals to roast the coffee bean.
    I'm going to miss your Arabian WOTD...

  2. thank you for this series, doug. it was wonderful to travel with you to such an exotic locale.

  3. :( I want to see more pictures from your trip! :)
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, I'm curious about the coffee as I like it a lot!
    This place is elegant and I like the tray and those beautiful cushions!

  4. this has been a most enjoyable and instructive journey through "aladdin's wonderland", doug! i guess i'd retire to this room with you to partake in a cup or two of the magic brew ... though i must say the "furniture" would take some getting used to ... ;-)

  5. Thanks for this great series of pictures from your trip, I have enjoyed them immensely.


  6. I really enjoyed this fascinating series of photographs of a wondrous world unknown to me. Thanks a lot!
    To me it looks like the people of UAE are standing with one foot in the Middle Ages and with the other in a super modern, rapidly developing era. I hope they come out of this difficult balancing act as winners.

  7. Thank for all your hard work bringing the UAE to us Doug. Fabulous photography of a unique location.

  8. I would like to rest here! Nice shot.
    Have a nice day.


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