Sunday, April 21, 2013

Raised Brickwork

Old Brickwork, Biggin Church Ruins, near Moncks Corner, SC
© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

The church ruins of Biggin Hill show three-dimensional brick work around what used to be one of its large windows. This rural parish church, attended by plantation owners, was burned during the Revolutionary War by retreating British troops in 1781. It is now protected as a National Historic Place.


  1. Many prayers of hope must have echoed around those bricks Doug.

  2. Superb capture of this earth-colored masonry with an awe-inspiring feel of history.

  3. Stunning composition, I love the bricks texture, so wonderful image!

  4. No matter where, it seems that the Brits didn't like to leave churches intact for too long. Great Britain under Henry VIII, Ireland under Cromwell, and the USA too it seems.

    Anyway, their activities is our photographic gain - I love the texture and sheer joy of colour in the old brick work - and the spring green tree just making it's presence felt.

  5. this is a very unique and quite convincing perspective and angle ... the texture of the brick wall, the glimpse of blue sky ... all blend into a fabulous photo !!


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