Friday, April 26, 2013


Fancy Bird, Miracle Garden, Dubai, UAE  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

When traveling to new destinations, I am often torn between taking lots of photos and looking at birds. After photography, birdwatching is my next favorite outdoor activity (well, add yodeling too). In fact both Becky and I enjoy birdwatching. So on trips such as this one to the UAE, I usually have camera in one hand and binoculars with birding guide in the other.

The odd fellow pictured above reminds me of the hoopoes we saw. If you have never seen a hoopoe before, it is categorically outlandish in appearance, at the very least cartoonish.

This image was made in the Miracle Garden in Dubai, an unexpected oasis of flowers. Of all the amazing places that we visited, this little Eden was one of my favorites. I loved its colorfully whimsical displays! 

Yes, I know, I am an odd bird too.


  1. such a difference between yesterday's and today's images. i see what you mean about the hoopoe.

  2. So colorful, so creative!Love this picture, I'm going now to check the link about hoopoe.Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ah so now I know where I'm going wrong with my birding endeavours Doug, I have to learn to yodel :)

  4. Wonderfully whimsical! Whether capturing a stunningly beautiful seascape or the delightful evidence of human quirkiness, you always put a smile on my face Doug!

  5. Clearly, that's a peacock, not a hoopoe.
    Right?! He he...
    I can only hope that your poor readers are not so gullible.
    Hey, hang on...
    ... Maybe it's a gull?
    Yea, a laughing gull!

  6. what a strange fellow indeed ... and really not unlike a hoopoe (i've known them since my childhood, when they were quite common around where i grew up).
    again, i like your "eye" for the strange bird, so to say ... ;-)
    (one questions remains, though ... why is yodeling an outdoor activity? because of the echo, perhaps ?!?)

  7. Aha! It's an emu off to a fancy dress party where there is a karaoke competition with a yodeling bias. Chuckle J.

  8. terrific capture. great memories!!

  9. Mr Hickok ! Really like that blue background today.

  10. How nice. It looks moving. :)

  11. WeIl, that's just as odd as the real bird, itself! Beautiful colours, Doug.

  12. it does have a bit of resemblance.. :) cool find.


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