Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Watch

Statue, Prato della Valle, Padua, Italy  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved
(Velvia slide film. Click on image for larger view.)

The statue of Antenore of Troy, the legendary founder of Padua (according to Virgil), keeps steady watch over the domes of the Monastery of Saint Justina (founded in the 5th century). Justina of Padua was martyred in 304 AD, and later became venerated as a patron saint of the city. 
She was a young lady
 regarded for her chastity.


  1. this is a beautiful shot of this place.. :)

  2. Wonderful composition,excellent shot!

  3. The light is superb here. Padoua is a beautiful town I visited a lot. I love Italy and it's light

  4. Beautiful shot of this venerable masonry with a lovely feel of history.
    Focus is perfect and the depth of field plays really well.

  5. Interesting sculpture and history. I love the background in this picture, wonderful composition!

  6. Padua looks like a lovely place!
    I'd love to visit Italy again this year.
    Not sure where to go thou...
    ... Naples perhaps?
    I need to learn how to make proper pizzas. ;o)

    >I couldn’t find a place to comment this weekend,

    My yak ate the comment button!
    I had to put my fingers down his throat to make him puke.

  7. A lovely light falling on a nice sculpture!

  8. excellent perspective and selective dof of this gorgeous ensemble of shapes and forms !!!

  9. Beautiful composition, and perfect rendering of the Italian light. NIcely done.
    Have a nice day.


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