Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Directions to the Future

Arrows on Road Pavement, Charleston, SC  © Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Deciding which direction to take in life
 is a guessing game... 

and there are no arrows pointing the way
as there are on a highway.

But suppose you have a time machine, 
like the one in the H.G. Wells story,
 that can spin you into your future... 
so you can see where you have been
and all the turns you have made.

Would you take a different turn along the way
if you had a second chance?


  1. Good day Doug,

    I'm sure we would all do some things differently if we could, but that would take away the learning experiences of bad choices or events, which are equally as necessary as the good ones. Don't you think?!

    I like the angle and colours of your photo.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. An interesting conundrum Doug. If we learn from our mistakes we would do things differently but if we don't make the mistakes we don't learn and that would make for a dull existence.

  3. Ah, this is the great question right? I love the color and texture in this shot but the orientation is super-cool. It's like a decision tree at this angle. Excellent!

  4. Fantastic textures and tones. Nice diagonal.

  5. ah, the misery of deciding ... and the eternal question "where to go next" (incidentally, i let emilia ask the same question today ... ;-)
    thanks for visiting and your good wishes, doug! the treatment is doing wonders for me, but the fog persists ... and offers all kinds of wonderful photo opportunities (more of which later ...)!

  6. Firstly the image, Doug. This is a wonderful example of "found art" the way you've presented it so colourfully here! As for your question, who know where life could have taken us? (All right... it wasn't really an answer, I know!)

  7. That’s an awesome abstract you got here! The blue hues are pretty amazing.
    I recently saw a play by Max Frisch at the theater. The protagonist was given the chance to re-live the key moments of his life in order to alter his fate. Interestingly, he could not give his life a new direction; he made the same (faulty) decisions again.

  8. Fantastic textures good shot Doug.

  9. The structure of the pavement makes it be like a stelar way in Enterprise!

  10. Oh I love the Time Machine!
    But I would like to travel forward to the future.
    Past is past.
    What's done cannot undone.
    The unknown is definitely more exciting.
    Time paradox is another interesting thing I like. :o)

  11. Gorgeous blue! Nicely seen!
    Have a nice day.


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