Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ever Swim in a Quarry?

Old Quarry and Reflection, near Micaville, North Carolina
© Doug Hickok  All Rights Reserved

Where did you swim as a youngster?

 When I was a kid, I never had the luxury of an abandoned, water-filled quarry, out in the countryside, to jump in and swim around. Nope. I was city born and bred, in the Midwestern heartland, in what is now considered the Rust Belt. All we had were old soup cans to go swimming in. Sometimes if we were lucky, we had rusty paint cans to splash around in, or newspaper-lined shoe boxes. Yeah, those were the good ole days!


  1. Nice picture Doug. I'm afraid I can't swim so when my school forced us all to go swimming I sherpishly walked along the sides of the pool holding on for dear life!

  2. excellent view, colors and reflections

  3. Ha ha... Remember the fish pond in Kulai you saw yesterday?
    It was a former quarry.
    Have you been following me?
    Or was it just a coincidence?

    You can take the boy out of the small rusty old town,
    but you can't take the small rusty old town out of the boy.
    Oh boy, oh boy.

  4. Fantastic capture, the reflections are perfect like a mirror!

  5. Terrific earthy colours Doug. I have swum in a quarry. Unfortunately it was also a favourite of leeches. As soon as I discovered one latched to my neck I scampered out of the quarry very quickly.

  6. I love those beautiful formation. I was trying to recollect the kind of rocks associated with this quarry. Then again, the geological background is defferent from those that I had visited and studied.
    Nope - I don't have the luxury to swim in a quarry either. All we were allowed to do was to study the formation, the environment, take samples, take photos and remember the location and write a report. That's what we budding geologists were allowed to do then.
    Lovely photo.

  7. Wow, Doug, the reflections are amazing!!! And such an enchantment are the patterns, textures and colors through your lens! Beautiful!

  8. very interesting play with illusions, doug, and striking colour of the rocks (and the reflections ...)

  9. Uphill both ways in the wintertime eh Doug? Me too! I love the natural divisions in this shot--reflection, stone and trees each contrasting with the adjacent in fascinating ways.

  10. The colours and reflections here are wonderful. I've not swum in an old quarry, the ones around where I grew up weren't deep enough, more like roadside cliffs.

  11. Regretfully I never did learn to swim. The positive side to that is that I stay well away from water - and I'd hazard a guess that more swimmers drown than non swimmers. So the moral is....

  12. wow.. this is just gorgeous!

    well, we had a river we swam in when we were kids.. :D


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